Materials for RPG Maker XP/VX/MV, 7 Days To Die, FPS Creator and Neverwinter Nights 2

Side Battle Systems for RPG Maker XP

Side battle systems (SBS) provide an alternative to the standard RPG Maker battles where separate “battler” graphics are used for the enemies and the player characters are only displayed as portraits or stats. Side battle systems use sprites as battlers – for the enemies as well as the player characters – these sprites can be the same that are used in the maps or they can be different sprites. Most scripts have the characters moving across the screen during battle, some scripts also incorporate spell effects or allow the weapons that the characters are using to be displayed during a battle.

The Enu Side Battle System Tankentai XP is an highly customizable side view battle system, originally made by Enu for the RMVX and modified by Victor Sant. It is one of of the most used SBS scripts for RPG Maker XP.
Enu SBS Tankentai XP at gdunlimited

For side battle systems, the stock battlebacks mostly don’t fit regarding style and proportions. Thats why I’m making my own SBS-compatible custom battlebacks for RPG Maker XP using the stock tilesets. This is an in-game screenshot, using regular RPG Maker XP stock sprites with one of my battlebacks. MurkyForrestBattle



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