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WW2 Signs, Posters & Photos for FPS Creator

WW2 German Signs & PostersThis Pack consists of WW2 themed models made for the FPS Creator engine and is split into 2 parts.

The first part includes 10 wall signs and 15 posters in German language from the WW2 area. They are self-attaching to walls and have different sizes and placement heights to avoid uniformity when used together. According to my country’s laws and my own conviction I removed/masked all swastika symbols in the progaganda posters. Since the text is in german, a picture with analogous translations is included in the download for reference (as well as shown in this post).

The second part includes 13 large aerial pictures (some self-attaching to walls, some to be laid out on tables) and 4 smaller (still A3) photos to be laid out on tables. The wall items are slightly thicker and black/grey framed to simulate they are monted on cardboard and the edges protected for storage/handling.
A picture depicting which models are meant for walls and which for tables is included in the download for reference.

The models are all free for non-commercial and commercial use with FPS Creator or any other engine. The license text is included in the download.


Adventure Game Script Pack for FPS Creator

This pack consists of scripts displaying text messages and are best suited for adventure or survivial games in the style of Silent Hill, Obscure or Penumbra. These scripts use no huds and are presented in a way that make them easily customizable to fit any game setting.

It includes over 230 scripts and over 40 soundfiles for:
– firearms & ammo
– melee weapons
– health items
– doors & keys
– blood overlays & corpses
– searchable entities
and more

Entities with these scripts can be interacted with by targeting them with the crosshair and pressing the ENTER key. To make them work 100% you need to have FPSC 1.16.08 or higher installed or use a mod that includes both the PICKOBJECT condition and the FPCRAWTEXT command.

The download includes the scripts, license, instructions how to install & use the scripts as well and screenshots for reference.