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Faceset matching stock sprite SF_People3_8 from RPG Maker MV (includes version for XP/VX)

This is a faceset for SF_People3_8 from the RPG Maker MV “base resource” characters that can be used for any modern, scifi, shadowrun or horror settings.  It’s not made with the MV character generator but made in a 13-layer paint shop file using the MV generator parts and elements from stock facesets. The character is a nurse from a sprite sheet with no existing stock faceset so everything is based on the sprite. In addition to the color pattern from the sprite I also made 2 versions with traditional white and blue clothing and different hair/eye colors.

The following emotes are displayed (from left to right, top row first): neutral, friendly, roguish, happy, surprised, angry, sad, embarrased

SF_People3_8a MVSF_People3_8b MVSF_People3_8c MV

In addition there are downsized versions usable for XP and VX.

SF_People3_8a MV for VXSF_People3_8b MV for VXSF_People3_8c MV for VX

To download first click the pics then right-click and use the option “save picture as…”.

No redistribution of the originals or of any edits  allowed –  if you want to share these ressources, please link to this site.

Since the artwork is all stock graphics from RPG Maker MV, the use of these facesets is restricted to RPG Maker projects (non-commercial only). Please give credit to Kadokawa/Enterbrain and TheStoryteller01 if you use them.


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