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Faceset matching stock sprite Actor1_7 from RPG Maker MV (includes version for XP/VX)

This is a faceset for Actor1_7 from the RPG Maker MV stock characters. It’s not an edit of the stock portrait but a recreation which I made in a 14-layer paint shop file using the MV generator parts. Compared to the stock portrait the hair is a bit darker and more saturated but that matches the sprites better imo. Because I couldn’t find a single spot of brown on the sprites, I also recolored the brown clothing parts to blue and darkeded the cloak a bit to match the sprites better.

The following emotes are displayed (from left to right, top row first): neutral, friendly, roguish, happy, surprised, angry, sad, frustrated.

Actor1_7 MV

In addition there is a downsized version usable for XP and VX.

Actor1_7 MV for VXTo download simply right-click the pics and use the option “save picture as…”.

If you want to share these facesets, please don’t redistribute them, link to this site instead.

Since the artwork is all stock graphics from RPG Maker MV, the use of this facesets is restricted to RPG Maker projects (non-commercial only). Please give credit to TheStoryteller01 if you use them.


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