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Norse NPC Pack for NWN2

StorytellersNorse5This pack includes 21 Norse NPCs ranging from commoners over warriors to king and  princess.

The NPCs range from LvL 1-7, all NPCs have barbarian levels with some additional levels as fighter, druid or rogue.

The status of a Norse reflects partially in his hairstyle as commoners and young Norse are not allowed to display long hair. Hair is usually not worn open, which is a privilege of the nobility, but as a ponytail or a braid by both genders. Especially those trained to become warriors display longer braids according to their level of training and experience. The youngest fighters are trained as scouts and are known to have a messy hairstyle which allows them to be distinguished from commoners although they are years away from displaying their first pony or braid.

Creature BPs open up in this folder: Creatures/Humanoid/Norse. The NPCs are equipped with regular weapons as shown in the pictures (included in the download), commoners and nobles are equipped with daggers.

There is no actual armor in any slot, the AC according to the appearance has been set in the “natural armor” tab. All BPs include the necessary proficiencies and feats for the equipped weapons/shields and have been tested.

The download includes an .erf file that can be imported into any module, a readme and screenshots with all NPCs for reference. DOWNLOAD


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