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Ringwraith Creature Pack for NWN2

RingwraithsThis pack includes 10 Ringwraiths (=RWs) and 5 Wraithblade magical weapons in an .erf file that can be imported into any module.

Each Ringwraith comes as a *solid* version and an *etheral* version. Apart from different fx_ effects they are identically equipped but have different stats. They are actually equipped with larger cloaks that can be seen in the pictures.

All Ringwraiths are set to undead lvl 3 for solid and undead lvl 4 for their ethereal version with the Wraithking being lvl 5/6. Solid RWs have all weapon and armor skills plus toughness, darkvision, improved initiative and undead skin/hide properties. Etheral RWs have alertness and blind-fight in addition and wraith skin/hide properties. RWs AC ranges from 2-6 for solid RWs and 4-8 for etheral RWs. CRs range goes from 1.80 from a solid Ringwraith to 6.00 for the Etheral Wraithking but might need some additional tweaking.

There is no actual armor in any slot, the AC according to the appearance has been set in the “natural armor” tab. All BPs include the necessary proficiencies and feats for the equipped weapons/shields and have been tested.

All RWs are equiped with “Wraithblades” (black tinted but without a visual cold effect) which are restricted to evil and have additional cold damage:
Wraith Curved blade (Kama)1d4+1
Wraith Shortblade(Shortsword)1d4+2
Wraith Longblade(longsword)1d4+3
Wraith Greatblade(Bastard Sword)+1d4+4

Creature BP tags follow now the naming convention starting with a c_ and open up in this folder: Undead/Ringwraiths, item BPs open up in this folder: Weapons/Wraithblades

The Download includes an .erf file that can be imported into any module, a readme and screenshots for reference. DOWNLOAD


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