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Hobbit NPC Pack for NWN2

HobbitNPCsThese are Hobbit NPCs based on Dwarfs, Duregar and Golden Dwarfs. They are all level 1 of their appropriate class like Commoner, Fighter, Rogue, etc.

The Hobbits are scaled down unevenly so they become less broad & bulky than Dwarfs but a lot sturdier than the original *Halflings*. I tried to include every face not TOO ugly to look hobbitish and covered the resulting lack in variety with lots of helmets and hats (which Hobbits are quite fond of luckily!). I would have included more females, but most armors -especially robes- make their basic Dwarf BPs look quite ugly. Some skins, hair and armor where slightly different tinted than in the original pictures.

There is no actual armor in any slot, the AC according to the appearance has been set in the “natural armor” tab. All BPs include the necessary proficiencies and feats for the equipped weapons/shields and have been tested.

Creature BPs open up in this folder: Creatures/Humanoid/Hobbits and according to naming conventions start with c_
Custom shields open up in this folder: Armor/Shields/custom Light Shields.
Custom weapons have been added representing plain, simple, non-evil non-warlike weapons. They open up in this folder: Weapons/Plain Weapons.

Those wearing shields are also equipped with weapons, all others carry them in their inventory (including either bow or sling) – Hobbits are a peaceful bunch after all ;o)

The Download includes an .erf file that can be imported into any module, a readme and screenshots with all NPCs for reference. DOWNLOAD


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