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Basic Conversation Script for FPS Creator

Conversation02This script is set up for a conversation between the player and an NPC and works as follows:

– when the player gets into range of the NPC, the conversation starts
– during the conversation the player cannot move.
– it is self-running until the player has at one point to decide how to answer (=which key to press)
– the player can speed up the conversation in pressing <enter>
– player and NPC lines differ through colour and position
– the player gets a choice somewhere to keep talking, go his way, or fight
– at the end the NPC goes along waypoints to a door and vanishes
– the player can attack the NPC prior to the conversation, when he is offered the choice in between and after the conversation when the NPC walks away (the script then uses RUNFPI=).

The player text is at dark blue and in the lower half of the screen, the NPC text is light blue and in the upper half of the screen,  but color and position can be altered in the script.

This script can be attached to a commanding officer, an ally, a help seeker, a computer terminal, an intercom or anything else the player could have a conversation with.

The download includes the script, license, setup guide and a small demo game to try it out.

This script has been written for FPS Creator version 1.18. It will possibly not work correctly with other versions.


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