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Shadowrun Emo Facesets 2 (Basic) for RPG Maker

These emo facesets have been inspired by the Shadowrun universe and are usable for both RPG Maker XP and VX Ace. The 8 sets depict a human female, they have each different hair colors and different outfits and display the following emotes (from left to right, top row first): neutral, friendly, roguish, happy, surprised, angry, sad, ashamed.

To be able to display more of the hair and outfits, the scale is about 75% of the regular scale from facesets created with the face generator tool.

To download simply right-click the pics and use the option “save picture as…”.

These facesets where entirely created with photopshop using elements from the face generator tool included in RPG Maker XV Ace, elements I made from scratch and additional elements from the following contributors of the RPG Maker community:

Rainbow Grenade – here is the original forum thread where you can find infos and a download link for her whole pack of generator parts:

Scinaya – as a contributor to the ReStaff collection march-august 2012: forum link at

Lunara – visit her wordpress site for more of her own RPG Maker creations:

Nearly every single element has been scaled, cut, mixed, bent, recolored or otherwise edited in some way so please respect the work that had been put into creating these facesets. Don’t redistribute any, link to this site instead.

Furthermore, since the artwork is mostly part of the RTP graphics package from RPG Maker VX Ace, the use of these facesets is restricted to RPG Maker projects (non-commercial only). Please give credits to
– Enterbrain
– TheStoryteller01
– Rainbow Grenade
– Scinaya
– Lunara

Special thanks go to Rainbow Grenade, many of her face parts where crucial for this project – I could never have done it without her outstanding work.


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