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Skeleton Sprites 5 for RPG Maker XP

UndeadLancer02UndeadLancer012 more skeleton sprites (undead lancers) created from a base sprite by Ice-Ax, using the original French version of Fusion Maker by Sebastien Bini for the clothes and doing some post editing.

To download simply  right-click the pics and use the option “save picture as…”.

Credit for the artwork goes to Enterbrain and Ice-Ax. Feel free to use these for your RPG Maker projects but please don’t commercially use or redistribute this content without proper crediting Entebrain, Ice-Ax and Sebastien Bini.

You can find out everything about Sebastien Bini’s character generator at his own website: Game Character Hub

Ice-Ax offers a lot of sprites, battlers and facesets – most of which are original artwork – for RPG Maker XP on his website: Ice-Ax (japanese)


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