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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Code Input Script for FPS Creator

This script is a variant of the stock FPSC “doorremote” script but instead of simply using a switch or lever, to open the door the player has to “type” the right 4-digit code. 

The script needs no HUDS, the text display is generated using FPCGRAWTEXT commands. If the player enters a wrong number, an alarm sound (from the stock FPSC library) is played continously until the player finally enters the correct code. This script can easily be altered to spawn enemies in addition or instead of playing the alarm sound.

The download includes the script, license and a small demo game to try it out.

This script has been written for FPS Creator version 1.18. It will possibly not work correctly with other versions.

Credits go to SethBlack for playtesting and bughunting.