Materials for RPG Maker XP/VX/MV, FPS Creator and Neverwinter Nights 2 – WEEKLY UPDATES

Desert Town NPC Pack for NWN 2

Desert Town Adventure PackThis pack consists of 45 NPC blueprints for a fantasy-Arabian style setting including soldiers, thugs, commoners, heroes, slaves, merchants and a monster.

Level range is 1-6, all NPCs have individual voice sets and a fitting local description. Skin, clothing and armor are tinted individually, there is no actual armor in any slot, the AC according to the appearance has been set in the “natural armor” tab. All BPs include the necessary proficiencies and feats for the equipped weapons/shields as well as their professions. There is no additional equipment or treasure on the NPCs.

The download includes an .erf file that can be imported into any module, screenshots of all characters for reference and a short text explaining the background.
All creatures follow the naming convention and start with a c_ and open up in this folder: Humanoid/Desert Folk.


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