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Horror Sound Script Pack for FPS Creator

Metal Door 01This Pack includes 6 different scripts for entities or trigger zones playing randomized sounds. All scripts use only the stock sounds that are allready in the FPSC library so there is nothing else needed to run the scripts.

These scripts have been written for FPS Creator version 1.18. They will possibly not work correctly with other versions.

The download includes the scripts, install, license text and an extensive description of each script in the readme like this example:

ScaryDoorMetal – door plays random metallic banging sounds
How it works:
Made for metal doors to play random metallic banging sounds when the player comes closer than 2 segments. Randomized are the start of the sounds (0.1-2.0 secs), the number of sounds (0-3) and the time in between
the sounds(0.1-0.3 secs). After 2 minutes the script resets and will be again triggered by the player.
Examples where to use:
In exploration maps where the player has a high chance to pass by this door several times to distract or even scare the player. It should be placed in rooms or corridors at least 2 segments wide.
There should be only one of these doors in a whole level unless the level is very large and the doors are far apart from each other.



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