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Humanoid Creature Pack for NWN2

HumanoidsThis pack inlcudes 115 monster blueprints and 4 magical weapon blueprints.

The download is organized into 5 different .erf files that include:
– 30 Gnolls
– 30 Goblins
– 25 Kobolds
– 20 Orcs
– 5 Bugbears, 3 Trolls and 2 Ogres
Generally the blueprints are organized into groups of 4 scouts, warriors etc with the 5th being a leader, shaman etc.

Armor varies for each group and single armor parts further vary within the group. Armor slots are tinted individually and where possible, skins have been colored in 5 diferent shades. To further avoid uniformity all creatures have been scaled (some more in height, others in width etc.) whereas low-level types are even smaller than the standard BP and leaders exceed all others of their race in size.

There is no actual armor in any slot, the AC according to the appearance has been set in the “natural armor” tab. All BPs include the necessary proficiencies and feats for the equipped weapons/shields and have been tested. Ranged weapon types have melee weapons in their inventory and the Goblin Runners carry slings in the inventory in addition to their blades. There is no additional equipment or treasure on the creatures.

They BPs are imported into subdirectories of “Humanoid” called “Custom Goblins”, Custom Gnolls”, etc.

The download includes the 5 .erf files (so each race can seperately be imported into a mod), a readme and screenshots showing all 115 blueprints


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