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Adolescent NPCs Pack for NWN2

Young Adult MalesWhile the stock characters include a (creepy looking) child, there are no adolescents in NWN2. This pack includes 15 BPs for both male and female humans aged 14-17 in an .erf file that can be imported into any module.

All NPCs are flagged “plot” and level 1 Commoners, except for the Monk Novices, the Squire and the Tavern Singer who are Monks, Fighter and Bard. They are all flaged plot and are of commoner faction. CRs are set just in case. These NPCs have no armor, weapons or equipment whatsoever.

The BPs are imported into: Creatures/NPC/Adolescents

The Download includes the .erf file, a readme and screenshots of all characters for reference.


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