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Riverdale Army Pack for NWN2

Riverdale CharactersThis pack includes 26 creature BPs for a medieval-style army consisting of humans and some dwarfs including king, princess, sergants, swordsmen, halberdiers, crossbowmen and militiamen in an .erf file that can be imported into any module.

This is the result of another contract work. The request was for several small groups of soldiers sharing a more medieval than fantasy style of armor, also one of the few NWN2 armor sets that depicts heraldry was to be used. The request stated that it should be a male-only army led by a local “king” including a lone non-human or two, so I picked dwarfen mercenaries because they seemed a logical choice for bolstering the ranks of crossbow troops (and while at it I included a dwarf sergeant to lead them). To make up for the lack of female soldiers, I invented a sister for King Jabert – Princess Marlis, second in command.

All BPs include localized description, full stats, feats, different voice sets and CRs according to level, armor&weapons. All armor is part of the figure design and the AC is included as natural armor. The armor is not individually tinted except for the Militamen where it seems logical that some get to wear old and faded tunics, they also have different boots, The BPs for colored shields of Swordsmen and Crossbowmen (in their packs) are included. King Jabert and Princess Marlis have some magical items according to their level (BPs for custom items included).

The Download includes the .erf file, a readme and screenshots of all characters.


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