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Dead Bodies Script Pack for FPS Creator

DeadZombiesThis pack includes over 40 scripts to spawn characters as “dead bodies” ingame – mostly lying on the floor or sitting slumped against a wall. These “dead” characters are immobile, have no collision, are not bleeding and don’t show bullet holes when shot.

These scripts have been written for FPS Creator version 1.18. They will possibly not work correctly with other versions.

Scripts are provided for stock characters, these will also work on older FPS Creator model packs including MP 1, MP 4, MP 17, MP 18, MP 29 and MP 51 as well as most characters created by Cosmic Prophet (MP 51 & 73). There are also special scripts included for the highly popular Zombie Apocalypse Model Pack by Bond1 and ErrantAI’s Task Force 341 Model Pack.

The download includes the scripts, license, instructions how to install & use the scripts and screenshots for reference.

There are also 3 demo games built with FPS Creator Version 1.18. showcasing the Dead Body scripts available for download:
Dead Zombie Characters Demo
Dead Fantasy Characters Demo
Sleeping Characters Demo


One response to “Dead Bodies Script Pack for FPS Creator

  1. pvtjackreidjhon December 18, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    hey, um i dont know if your still there, but is there any way you could make an extension for the dead soldiers pack?

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