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Undead Pirates Creature Pack for NWN2

Cursed PiratesThis pack includes 14 creature BPs and 1 item BP in an .erf file that can be imported into any module. Everything is fully customized regarding size, tinting, armor and weapons.

The 6 “Cursed Pirates” (pictured) are inspired by the Flying Dutchman crew from “Pirates of the Carribean” and based on Water Genasi heads with a glowing blue eyes effect. They are lvl 4 undead with skeleton properties and extra AC because of all the shells, scales and stuff overgrowing their bodies.

The 7 undead pirates have a glowing red eyes effect for a more *movielike* appearance and include male, female and bony bodies. They are lvl 3 standard skeletons with no extra AC. The rusty weapons are borrowed from my other undead pack so in case you use that also, it will give “double messages” upon importing.

“Captain Morrigans Ghost” is a lvl 6 undead armed with a ghost weapon (no combat dmg but 1D4 negative energy dmg + 1 point of CON drain). Apart from playing the boss mob he could also be a quest giver or even a companion.

The download includes the .erf file, a readme and screenshots of all characters.


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