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Undead Creature Pack for NWN2

Undead CharactersThis pack comes in 2 parts, alltogether it contains 90 creature and 55 item blueprints for 34 Skeletons, 29 Zombies, and special characters like Lichs or Elemental Undead as well as rusty/rotten weapons and shields.

Level range is 1 to 8. CRs have been calculated and range from 0.33 to 5.70 for Skeletons and from 0.50 to 6.60 for Zombies, special characters from 3.00 to 8.00.
Everything is fully customized including size, tinting and descriptions. Armor is part of the BP and calculated as “natural armor” in the statistics tab.

The Undead Adventureres (pictured above) provide a kind of boss monsters and a plot idea: An NPC hires the PCs to search for a missing group of adventurers. It turns out they are not only dead but undead and to “release” their souls the PCs have to kill them. A kind of “soul-token” could be included in the quest as a drop to prove the unfortunate adventurer has been put to rest.

The download includes both parts (2 different .erf files), screenshots for all 90 undead and a readme with details of the contents.


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