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WW2 Signs, Posters & Photos for FPS Creator

WW2 German Signs & PostersThis Pack consists of WW2 themed models made for the FPS Creator engine and is split into 2 parts.

The first part includes 10 wall signs and 15 posters in German language from the WW2 area. They are self-attaching to walls and have different sizes and placement heights to avoid uniformity when used together. According to my country’s laws and my own conviction I removed/masked all swastika symbols in the progaganda posters. Since the text is in german, a picture with analogous translations is included in the download for reference (as well as shown in this post).

The second part includes 13 large aerial pictures (some self-attaching to walls, some to be laid out on tables) and 4 smaller (still A3) photos to be laid out on tables. The wall items are slightly thicker and black/grey framed to simulate they are monted on cardboard and the edges protected for storage/handling.
A picture depicting which models are meant for walls and which for tables is included in the download for reference.

The models are all free for non-commercial and commercial use with FPS Creator or any other engine. The license text is included in the download.


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