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Lizardmen Creature Pack for NWN2

Lizardmen RacesThis pack includes 40 creature and 17 item blueprints as well as screenshots for all Lizardmen races.

All troops have half HP while characters have max HP. Some have magic weapons or shields. There is no actual armor equipped, AC is calculated appropriate to appearance and included in the natural AC.

There are 10 Bps for each of the following races (4 each of 2 different troop types and 2 characters each):

Sea Lizardmen are small, slightly narrowed and bluish colored. They only inhabit salt water and roam coasts and island. They don’t have gills though and live in caves washed out by the sea. They wear a special kind of flexible armor made of some unknown sea beasts hides. They only use piercing weapons and no ranged ones.

Wood Lizardmen are slender and greenish skinned. They wandered in from the subtropical forests in the south and are trackers and ambushers. They wear little primitive leather armor and use slings and bows as their favourite weapon. NOTE: slings dont show up properly in the toolset, they display as a black/read questionmark-box. However they are displayed properly ingame.

Desert Lizardmen are are the most advanced race of their species. They craft their own Leather armor and shields and trade with other humanoid races like kobolds or goblins. They live in dry areas and are at constant war with the humans inhabiting the Desert Empire. They are nearly as tall as Swamp Lizardmen but somehow squat and from a dirty orange color.

Stone Lizardmen are the largest of their race. They are strong and bulky and usually heavily armoured. They inhabit the mountainous regions, dwelling in derelict mines and forts and plundering ancient tombs where they find the unusual fine weapons they often carry. They are sometimes accompanied by so called Magma Lizardmen, who are able to breath and throw fire while being immune to most of its damage themselves.

The regular Lizardfolk from the toolset represent the race of “Swamp Lizardmen” in my classification.

CRs are as follows
Sea Lizardmen 0.45 to 3.15 (troops have 1 or 2 HD)
Wood Lizardmen 0.95 to 4.30 (troops have 2 HD)
Desert Lizardmen 0.95 to 4.45(troops have 2 HD)
Stone Lizardmen 1.55 to 5.10 (troops have 2 or 3 HD)

The creature BPs open up in a this folder: Creatures/Humanoid/Custom Lizardmen. The item BPs open up in this folder: Items/Armor/Shields/Hide Shields folder. Each race has its own scaling scheme based on the environment it lives in(see the comparison picture), in addition the 2 different troop types of each race represent younger(smaller scaled)and older(larger scaled)individuals and each SINGLE BP is differently scaled within these parameters. For each race at least 5 different skin shades have been used, the Magma Lizardman uses an fx_effect. NOTE: The armor pieces are only tintable to about 35% which reflects in the missing variety of shades.

For those who need a large Lizardmen tribe for a whole dungeon or similar a second .erf file is included in the download which contains all the customized Lizardmen (except for the Magma Lizzie)renamed, retinted and (partially)re-equiped as the standard Lizardfolk included in the TS. They have a standard localised description and slightly altered AC and CR. These BPs open up in the existing “Lizardfolk” folder.


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