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Blood Warriors Creature Pack for NWN2

Monster-based Blood WarriorsThe Blood Warriors where part of a contract work for a mod builder.

A character/creature pack for a Half-Fiend army with 21 creature and 30 item blueprints as well as screenshots of all creatures for reference.

The Blood Warriors are mostly based on Outsiders in various racial shapes. All NPCs in this pack are fully customized regarding armor, appearance, height/weight, skin tone, equipment, skills, feats (based on the exact armor & weapons they got), different voice sets, and local description. The text in {} is only seen in the TS for quick reference, ingame its just “Blood Warrior” or “Blood Hound”. Blood Warriors are close combat fighters wearing all kinds of metal armor or parts of it. Since the later is part of the creature design the AC is calculated as natural armor according to appearance. The CRs range from 5 to 9 and follow the wysiwyg philosophy: The ones that look tougher and meaner ARE tougher and meaner.


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