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Animated Armors Creature Pack for NWN2

AA025 creature blueprints for Animated Armors and a Grim Reaper plus 5 blueprintss for non-magical custom weapons. The download includes screenshots for reference as well as an arena area where two of the Armors can be seen fighting each other.

They are all lvl 1 constructs with a CR of 0.9, construct skin/hide properties and all additional feats to carry their armor and weapons. AC has been set in the “Natural AC” row according to their appearance. The soundfiles called for are from the Iron Golem (green, red, blue), Blade Golem (evil) and Wraith (Grim Reaper).

Creature BPs open up into “Creatures/Constructs/Animated Armor”, weapon BPs into a “Customized …..” folder in the appropriate weapon folder.
They are probably best used as Guardians, especially at a place where PCs have to kill something on their way without actually murdering someone. The blue and green versions dont even look evil so they could be used in the middle of the city to guard a temple or a wizards building.


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