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Evil Cults Creature Pack for NWN2

Plague01A character/creature pack with 27 creature and 8 item blueprints for Fire, Death and Plague Cults as well as screenshots of all characteres for reference.

For each of the 3 cults the following is included:
1 Demon(Outsider lvl 8)
1 Guardian Creature(Outsider lvl 4)
1 Cult Leader (Cleric lvl 6, armed with a custom magic weapon)
2 Guards (Fighters lvl 4)
4 Initiates (Fighters lvl 1)

The 3 cult themes are carried through for everything: appearance, clothing, color, cleric spells, special abilities, fx effects, creature abilities for skin/hide and claw/bite and. Custom weapons have been included to fit the theme but only those of the leaders are magically enhanced. The Guards (lvl 4 Fighters) had the longsword feats swapped to their equipped weapons. Every NPC is individually tinted, scaled and has a different voice set. Armor is applied directly onto the creatures and calculated as natural AC. Faction is hostile by default.

Every blueprint has been thourougly tested to make sure that weapons are used, spells are cast and special abilities work. Disclaimer: I did NOT pick the most devastating spells for the demons (like “Bolt of Death” p.e.) but still even lvl 10 characters had a hard time not to be wiped out 4 out of 5 times fighting any of the demons one on one.

Upon importing there will be a new directory labelled “Cults” in the creature blueprints section, the weapons are to be found in Weapons/Cult Weapons.


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